Reinvention (Again!) at 70: How Curiosity, Community, and a Sense of Play Keep Opening New Doors with Randye Kaye

Reinvention (Again!) at 70: How Curiosity, Community, and a Sense of Play Keep Opening New Doors with Randye Kaye

Reinvention at 70 – It’s never too late and we’re never too old!

70-year-young Randye Kaye knows a lot about reinventing herself.

This voice actress, author, speaker, and voice talent has reinvented herself many times in many creative ways.

She’s honed her ability to pivot and uncover new possibilities, often out of necessity.

How has she done it?

She’s used her curiosity to help steer her, leaning into those things that spark joy. Plus Randye is willing to ask questions and find people that can be catalysts – helping her along her path.

Reinvention Rebel Randye Kaye - headshot of her

She’s done it scared and done it anyway, each reinvention helping her grow in new, often unexpected ways.

Randye is inspiring, adventurous, dynamic, and full of wisdom! I love what she shares about:

✅ Why it’s so important to know yourself in order to reinvent
✅ Why the spaghetti-against-the-wall reinvention method works for her
✅ How she overcame the obstacles of fear and doubt
✅ Why you should experiment with different ideas and pivot as needed
✅ How being curious, playful, and willing to ask led to new opportunities (people often say yes!)

Our conversation is fun and empowering, and a reminder that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams no matter your age.

Randye should know – at 70 she’s got her sights set on the next 30 years and the possibilities she has yet to uncover!

Pop in your earbuds, relax and enjoy this uplifting episode.

Connect with Randye:

Instagram: @randyekaye
LinkedIn: Randye Kaye

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