For the midlife woman who feels stuck, unfulfilled and wants more...

It’s time to uncover your biggest midlife dreams. NOW.

Midlife can easily leave your dreams and goals in the breakdown lane…

Have you spent way too much time searching for meaning in midlife, only to come up empty?

Sick of waiting for “someday”?

YOU matter.

Your midlife hopes and dreams matter.

It’s time to reimagine your life and live on purpose.

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8 Essentials to Greenlight Your Life
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Ever experience any of these midlife moments?

→ You’ve spent way too much time nurturing others and not enough time on yourself?

→ You feel unsure about your life’s purpose (Why am I here? What am I meant to do?)

→You feel swayed by what others think you should do and ignore what you want?

→ You feel like you’re too old or it’s too late to change your life?

→You’re gridlocked and spinning your wheels, not sure where to begin?

I’m Wendy Battles, the host of Reinvention Rebels, a top 2% globally rated podcast.

If you feel there’s something missing but you have no idea how to find it, you are not alone.

I’ve been in all of these situations. 

I’ve felt lost and unsure trying to figure out what I’m meant to do.

I’ve given in to the mindset of naysayers who thought I couldn’t do it.

I’ve felt like there was something missing but didn’t know how to “fix” the situation.

I’ve struggled and beat myself up over not figuring things out sooner.

AND I’ve also figured it out. 

I’m here to tell you that you can figure it out too!

✔️ You can reimagine your life and reinvent in a way that works for you and brings you deep joy.

✔️ You can reinvent on YOUR terms in YOUR way.

✔️ You can overcome your fears and begin to feel more confident about owning what you want.

✔️ You can gain certainty that the answers you seek are within.

You deserve to be happy, feel inspired and finally pursue those things you’ve been putting off.

Because that feeling deep in your soul, those nudges that won’t go away about your dreams – they’re trying to tell you something.

Let me help you get on the road to midlife reinvention.

I invite you to join Midlife Reinvention from the Insight Out: 8 Essentials to Green Light Your Life and level up in your life.


Hopeful that life can be different and better?

Excited about new possibilities?

Empowered to explore your reinvention journey?

Confident that you’re on the right track?

Motivated to take action?

My 8-part audio program can help you look within to launch your Reinvention Rebel journey!

What You Get:

  • An 8-part audio program that breaks down the essentials to midlife reinvention in an engaging and inspiring way:
    • Module 1 – Know Your Why
    • Module 2 – Give Yourself Permission to Grow
    • Module 3 – Lean Into Curiosity & Play
    • Module 4 – Slow Your Roll – Get Quiet & Still
    • Module 5 – Ask for Help – Don’t Go It Alone
    • Module 6 – Fail Forward & Persist
    • Module 7 – Build Your Courage Muscle
    • Module 8 – Show Up For Yourself To Move Forward
  • Worksheets for each module so you can follow along, take notes and capture the insights you’re gaining from listening. Plus a complete workbook delivered at the end of the eight modules that captures all the worksheets and other information designed to help you successfully launch your reinvention journey.
  • A new module delivered to your inbox every 3 days so that you have time to listen and integrate the content.
  • Lifetime access to the audio program – you can listen as many times as you like!

Amazing content + inspiration + empowerment to get into action for only $47 (a $97 value!

Who is Wendy Battles, host of the Reinvention Rebels podcast?

Wendy knows reinvention. She’s been around the reinvention block more times then she can almost count. 

Several years ago, in her mid-50s when she was working on yet another attempt to reinvent, her purpose became clear – she recognized that she was meant to empower and inspire midlife and older women about what’s possible when we reinvent.

She was led to this realization by getting quiet and still – going within for the answers that were always there. She just had to listen.

In 2020, she launched Reinvention Rebels, a top 2% globally rated podcast and the #1 ranked empowerment podcast of all time on Goodpods, a podcast listening app.

Reinvention Rebels shares stories of bold midlife and beyond women who have reinvented themselves in inspiring and unapologetic ways. These women are going for it (and so can you!)

Wendy shines at:

  • helping women see their immense value and empowering them to see new possibilities
  • reminding you that it’s never too late and you’re never too old to start fresh and reinvent
  • sharing stories of women just like you who felt stuck, stumbled and then awakened to their greatness and are now living on purpose.

When we feel empowered we can do anything! 


Ready to finally put yourself first and get started on your reinvention journey to more joy, more confidence and finally uncovering what you came here to do?

Ready to thrive like never before and enjoy the heck out of midlife and beyond?

I can’t wait for you to get inspired and get into action!

You already have all the answers.

Let me help you tease them out as we reinvent from the inside out.

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