Welcome to Reinvention Rebels

Stories of unapologetic women, 50-90 years young, who have boldly reimagined life on their own terms, to find renewed purpose and possibilities.

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What if you could hear stories of wise women who have STOPPED apologizing for having big dreams and STARTED boldly pursuing them?

What if you could see a part of yourself in their stories?

What if that sparked new possibilities for your own life, moving you closer to your dreams and desires, whether you’re 50 or 90, or somewhere in between?

Latest Episodes

Midlife Reinvention: How to Find Your Reinvention Sweet Spot (Pssst….It’s an Inside Job)

Join me, Wendy Battles, on a special solo journey as I explore the nuances of hitting that ReInvention sweet spot in midlife and beyond. Reflecting on my personal reinvention...

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How to Master the Art of Midlife Reinvention: 5 Ways Tiny Habits Help Us Grow

Midlife Reinvention + Habit Change = Midlife Success Can developing new habits help us reinvent ourselves in midlife? Is midlife reinvention easier when we have small wins that add...

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Reinvention Rebel Update – Embracing the Journey of Transformation at 71: From Local Beginnings to a Global Vision with Katurah Bryant

Reinvention Rebel:  Transformation at 71 – Never too Late Do you know what transformation looks like as we age? Join me, your host Wendy, on a journey of discovery...

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Reinvention Rebel Update – Where Are They Now: Breaking Out of the Age Cage and Embracing Reinvention at 69 with Wendi Knox

Can breaking free from the ‘age cage’ revolutionize the way we view our later years? That’s the profound question Wendi Knox addresses as she returns to our show, casting...

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Reinvention Rebel Update – Where Are They Now: Embracing Midlife Reinvention with Erica Bradley

Midlife Reinvention: We Continue to Grow My favorite reinvention stories involve self-discovery, growth and new possibilities that we didn’t see coming but we’re open to. When we create an...

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