Reinventing My 50s: From Midlife Crisis to Midlife Courage with Bettina Peets

Reinventing My 50s: From Midlife Crisis to Midlife Courage with Bettina Peets

Reinventing Ourselves in our 50s

In this inspiring episode, I speak with Bettina Peets about her transformative reinvention journey from midlife crisis to midlife courage. Through the creation of Adventures For the Soul in her 50s, Bettina exemplifies how embracing change and leveraging our passions can lead to a bold and kickass new chapter. It’s a journey from self-doubt to self-discovery.

What started as a midlife crisis when her daughter left for college, transformed into a powerful example of midlife courage – what happens when we acknowledge our fears and doubts, look within, and tune into our greater purpose. Reinventing can be an amazing experience!

Bettina shows us that reinventing ourselves in midlife can be both fun and inspiring when we tune into who we’re meant to be.

Reinventing ourselves means looking within. Picture of my guest Bettiina on a retreat with a group of midlife women.

Episode highlights:

🥰 Self-Worth and Midlife Reinvention: We delve into the challenges Bettina faced, and how she recognized her own self-worth to ignite her midlife reinvention.

🔥From Exhaustion to Empowerment: Bettina shares how she moved beyond burnout to build a company that helps other women find rejuvenation and empowerment through outdoor retreats.

🌱 The Healing Power of Nature: Bettina’s story underscores the role of hiking and the outdoors in her own transformation, and we discuss the broader impact of nature on personal growth and healing.

💝 Turning Passion into Purpose: The journey of how a love for the outdoors fueled her reinvention, one that has evolved into a thriving business.

💪🏾 Inner Strength and Wisdom: Bettina’s experiences reflect the significance of drawing upon her inner resources to navigate life’s challenges.

🧘🏾‍♀️Creating Equal Space: We discuss the need for safe spaces where women can share their stories, be vulnerable, and embark on journeys of self-discovery without judgment.

Bettina’s story is the story of so many of us on a reinvention journey. It often starts with our fears and limiting beliefs. But when we move past them, as she illustrates, there are endless opportunities for us to thrive in midlife beyond our wildest dreams.

I can’t wait for you to listen to this beautiful and empowering episode. Let’s get inspired to keep going on our midlife reinvention journey!

How are you reinventing in midlife or beyond? What has reinventing yourself taught you?

Connect with Bettina:

Instagram: @adventures_for_the_soul
TikTok: @adventures_for_the_soul
Facebook: Adventures for the Soul

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