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Rewire & Reinvent: How I Created a “Thrive” Mindset at 68

One of the coolest things about life is that we can reinvent ourselves as many times as we like! And such is the case for my guest Denise Keyes Page. Denise operates from a simple core belief: women benefit society as a whole. Healthy women foster healthy children and families, that in turn, support healthy…

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Episode 6: From Nun to Nightclub Singer: Meet 82-Year Young Millie!

Who am I? What am I here for? These are the compelling questions my guest, Millie Grenough, has considered over her 80 plus years. They have helped her to: chart the course of her life and go from a nun to a nightclub singer! transform her life after a near-death bike accident, in service to…

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Episode 5: Self-Reflection & Silence: How I Uncovered My Purpose at 54

This episode is about my life-long journey to find clarity and a deeper purpose.  Some people quickly find their purpose.  Their calling.  What makes them shine. Not me.   It took what felt like forever.  Things had to evolve.  Sure, I was good at certain things.  But I never felt like I had found that…

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Episode 4: Finding My Path in My 50s: Travel, Self-Discovery and Empowerment

What if your 50s brought clarity about your true purpose? What if you stopped asking for permission and started embracing your new path? And what if that new path led to empowering yourself and other women through travel?   Meet 57-year young Erica Bradley. This joyful, kind, and inspiring Reinvention Rebel thrives on unapologetically lifting…

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Episode 3: How I Reimagined Life in My 60s: Yoga, New Adventures and My Expat Life in Spain!

What if turning 60 ignited your inner yogi and an empowering relationship with your body? What if you reimagined live with less things, and gained a new sense of freedom? And what if you boldly rethought retirement, moved abroad, and welcomed new adventures? Such is the life of my guest, Sharon Chapelle. At 67 years…

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Episode 2: 12-Step Programs & Self-Awareness: How I Lead My Life on Purpose!

“Living your life on purpose” – that’s the guiding principle of my guest, Barb Nangle. At 57 years young, she’s reimagined her life to create more joy, happiness and love. Barb embodies the characteristics of a Reinvention Rebel – she’s brave, follows her passions, has clarity about her purpose and unapologetically focuses on achieving her…

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Episode 1: Introducing Reinvention Rebels

Welcome to Reinvention Rebels! Join me for an introduction to the Reinvention Rebels podcast. Get the scoop on my background, what inspired me to start the podcast and what you can expect to hear during season one. Let’s celebrate the women I call Reinvention Rebels – unapologetic women, 50 to 90 years young, who have…

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Reinvention Rebels Teaser

What if you could hear stories of wise women who have STOPPED apologizing for having big dreams and STARTED boldly pursuing them? What if you could see a part of yourself in their stories? What if that sparked new possibilities for your own life, moving you closer to your dreams and desires, whether you’re 50…

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