Running to Reinvent: Newbie Runner at 55, Global Marathoner at 71 with Mary Newell

What if at 71 you felt the strongest and most empowered you’ve felt in your body, EVER?

It’s possible as my guest, Reinvention Rebel Mary Newell, can attest.

At 71-years young, Mary is vibrant, healthy, athletic and strong. So much so that she’s run in marathons around the world and has no plans to stop. Ever.

Even cooler? She didn’t start running until she was 55, proving it’s never too late to start, to reimagine, to reinvent ourselves.

Growing up, Mary was the quintessential bookworm. While her siblings were enjoying athletics, she had her head in a book, soaking up knowledge.

As an adult, she struggled with her weight and never imagined running could be for her. That is, until one serendipitous day at the gym she upped her speed walking on the treadmill to a light jog.

That tiny action changed everything, literally the trajectory of her life.

This episode is brimming with wisdom! I love what Mary shares about:

✳️ How she went from a newbie runner at 55 to running in global marathons at 71
✳️ Why we have to set aside time in order to reinvent ourselves
✳️ How she stopped making limiting assumptions about her life and the new possibilities that afforded her
✳️ Why it’s so important to build community as we age
✳️ How being part of the running community (aka her reinvention team), has played a pivotal role in her longevity
✳️ Why there’s a lesson to be learned in everything we do and try
✳️ How we can nurture and feel great about our changing bodies, no matter our age

and so much more!

You can’t help but see new possibilities for your own life after listening to Mary’s story. She reminds us that we each possess the possibility to learn, grow and thrive as we age, each in our own unique way.

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1 comment on “Running to Reinvent: Newbie Runner at 55, Global Marathoner at 71 with Mary Newell

  1. What an outstanding episode 👏🏽 Mary is my Sister and she got me into running. You can hear the joy in her voice for her love of running. I enjoyed your conversation and the empowerment aspect of your podcast. Bravo to Reinvention Rebels. You are making a positive difference in the world. ❤

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