Reinventing My 50s: Self-Compassion is My Superpower with Dr. Ellen Albertson

In what ways do you cultivate self-compassion in your life?

Do you know that self-compassion is a powerful elixir to navigate midlife with more grace, confidence, and joy? It’s true — self-compassion is a potent ingredient in your midlife recipe for reinvention success.

Spend a little time with Dr. Ellen Albertson and you’ll learn about her own journey to deeper self-compassion and self-love and the lessons she’s learned.

This fierce and fabulous 59-year young Reinvention Rebel knows the power of self-compassion to transform her midlife insecurities into exciting new possibilities.

She has reinvented herself multiple times over, each time gaining clarity about her path and leaning into her authentic self. She’s on fire, rocking midlife, and helping other women to do the same. Her work helping women shine is grounded in the notion of self-compassion to help light our midlife path.

I love what Dr. Ellen shares about:

✅ Why self-compassion is a superpower
✅ Why self-compassion is both a parachute and life vest
✅ Why starting your reinvention journey with self-compassion is so important
✅ How to grow your self-compassion muscle with 3 key steps
✅ How self-compassion improves body image
✅ How we can change our thoughts and beliefs in midlife to support our dreams
✅ How we can turn fear into excitement

And so much more!

There is deep wisdom, insight, and inspiration in this episode. Listen and lean into the possibilities for midlife reinvention – you too can rock midlife in bold and kickass ways!

Are you ready to rock midlife like never before? Sit back, relax and enjoy this amazing episode!

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