Recipe for Reinvention: Reinventing Yourself Means Learning to Let Go

What's possible when you lean into your dreams, take action and then let go?

Ever notice that things unfold in a simpler (often less stressful!) way?

That when we're willing to make forward progress AND trust things are moving in our direction, we can get a lot further than when we try to control every step of the way? (I'm a recovering control freak myself. You too?)

Letting go can be tough. It's human nature to want to control things. To try and shift things in the direction of our dreams.  On our timetable.

But things hardly ever work out that way. In fact, we often end up expelling more energy than if we learned to let go and trust in the first place.

If only it was that simple! But it is possible to make forward progress and learn to let go.

In this episode, I share about how you can learn to let go to support your reinvention dreams.  Highlights include:

✳️ Why letting go is so important in our personal development journey
✳️ How trying to control things leads to frustration and lackluster results
✳️ How leaning in and listening to our inner wisdom can help us realize our dreams
✳️ How I learned to let go of control (and move toward my dreams with joy (and so much less anxiety)
✳️ My before and after “letting go” stories and the powerful lessons I learned about myself
✳️ The 3 key ingredients you need to help you let go and realize your dreams more easily!

and so much more wisdom and food for thought.

If you're noodling over the possibility of reinventing yourself or you're already moving forward, try these three ingredients on for size.

Mentioned in this episode:

1.  Introducing Reinvention Rebels – This was my first episode back in Season 1 when I shared a taste of how I ended up hosting the podcast – my inspiration and some fun facts about me that led me here.

2. Reinventing My 50s: Self-Reflection & Silence: How I Uncovered My Purpose at 54 – Learn about how I've learned to live on purpose and lean into what I'm meant to do. I know it's possible for you to do the same.

3. Ready to Reinvent Yourself? Let's Get Curious! How to use Curiosity as a Catalyst for Realizing Your Dreams – in this episode, I share about the power of curiosity to help us uncover, follow and achieve our dreams.

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