Reinventing My 50s: Creating Community & Cultivating Joy with Tracie Momie

What if turning 50 sparked a reinvention revolution inside of you that inspired action?

And what if that inspired action led to impacting and elevating 50-something women everywhere, spreading joy, hope and inspiration?

That’s just what my guest, fierce and fabulous Tracie Momiem has done!

This 51-year young Reinvention Rebel is all about creating community, cultivating joy and leaning into her creative genius. She is the founder of the Face of Fifty community on Instagram, showcasing how women are thriving in this new decade. She’s also a five-time author, fresh off the release of her most recent book, You Had Me Fooled.

What an empowering conversation we had about reinvention and new possibilities! I love what Tracie shares about:

✅ why it’s so important to try out different things to uncover our passions
✅ how Tracie leaned in to find her own reinvention joy
✅ why you need to find the “just right fit” for you and your reinvention journey (not someone else’s)
✅ how she reinvented herself as a book author in midlife, fueling her passion.
✅ why figuring out what’s not for you is just as important as figuring out what is
✅ how she’s inspiring women through her Face of Fifty Instagram platform
✅why a reinvention “team” is so important to your success
✅how we can set healthy boundaries and invite others along on our reinvention journey

You will love our inspiring and engaging conversation about what can be possible as we age. As Tracie can attest, pretty much anything!

Connect with Tracie:

Instagram: @traciemomie
Instagram: @faceoffifty

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