Reinventing and Almost 80: How I Created an Award-Winning Travel Podcast

Can you imagine embarking on something new at exciting that you’ve never done before in your late 70s and sharing it with the world?

That’s just what happened when an almost-80 year young travel writer couldn’t globetrot thanks to the pandemic. With time on her hands, she created an award-winning travel podcast, at 79, with listeners in over 110 countries.

Meet the energetic and engaging Lea Lane – noted author, travel blogger for, and now, podcast host. Lea shares her gifts for travel, conversation and adventure with listeners on her podcast, Places I Remember with Lea Lane.

Can’t travel right now? Lea gives us a global passport to soak up the beauty and joy of traveling.

Where some see age limitations, Lea sees possibilities for learning, personal growth, and new experiences.

Her story is inspiring on many levels. I love what she shares about:

✳️ How the pandemic and health challenges led her to reinvent herself as a podcaster at 79
✳️ How she expanded her mindset to see new possibilities beyond her imagination
✳️ What she’s gained from her reinvention journey and podcasting
✳️ What she learned from others’ inspiring stories that we can apply to our own lives
✳️ Why we should follow our dreams at any age
✳️ Why we need to keep our minds sharp and our hearts open
✳️ How she turned her love of travel into a career
✳️ How to get started with traveling solo and her top 3 travel destinations

This episode will inspire and transform your ideas about what’s possible as we age. Lea proves that age is simply a number and there are truly no limits. She eloquently illustrates and expresses the desires of so many of us as we age – to live full out, boldly and with deep joy and satisfaction.

Connect with Lea:

Award-winning travel podcast: Places I Remember with Lea Lane
Twitter: @lealane
Instagram: PlacesIRememberLeaLane
Facebook travel page: PlacesIRememberwithLeaLane
LinkedIn: PlacesIRememberLeaLane

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