Recipe for Reinvention: Don’t Go it Alone – How to Build Your Reinvention Dream Team!

Recipe for Reinvention: Don’t Go it Alone – How to Build Your Reinvention Dream Team!

What happens when you welcome in support to enable forward progress toward a goal or dream? It makes a difference, right?

Reinventing ourselves and stepping into whom we’re meant to be is no small task. We can go it alone or we can choose to walk that reinvention path with others.

I believe it’s deeply empowering (and more effective) when we work together toward our reinvention goals.

This solo episode is chock full of ideas to get you thinking about how you can create your own Reinvention Dream Team.  You just may find that it’s easier than you think.

A few highlights:

✳️ Why “going it alone” makes reinvention tough
✳️ Why asking for help from others is empowering
✳️ Two reinvention stories – when I went it alone and when I sought support
✳️ How a reinvention team can help us move forward toward our goals
✳️ How we can invite in more support with ease (hint: it involves speaking up)
✳️ Why trust plays a key role in reinventing ourselves

And many more nuggets of wisdom!

Ready to get inspired and go all-in on yourself and your dreams with the help of others? Lean in and listen to this episode for some powerful motivation to think about your own reinvention team.

Who would be on your Reinvention Dream Team and how can you start to assemble it today?

Mentioned in the episode:

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