Midlife Reinvention at 60: Challenging Ageist Stereotypes, Creating Community, and Cultivating Joy with Mimi Ison

Midlife Reinvention at 60: Challenging Ageist Stereotypes, Creating Community, and Cultivating Joy with Mimi Ison

Midlife Reinvention Starts with Us!

Join me in the first episode of Season 6 – Own Your Awesome – as we explore the transformative power of midlife reinvention and the journey to embrace age positivity with my guest Mimi Ison.

At 60. Mimi, is a beacon of the pro-age movement and shares her personal narrative of breaking free from ageist stereotypes.

Midlife Reinvention Rebel Mimi Ison pictured in the boxing ring doing a jab.

At 50, significant life events became the catalyst for a remarkable life overhaul. Mimi shares her shift from a caffeine-fueled existence to a world of wellness, cooking, and regular exercise, all while educating herself on the nuances of midlife transitions like perimenopause and menopause.

Her story is a testament to the profound impact of mindset and the potential for a fulfilling second act, underscoring the necessity for proactivity and self-care as we navigate the complexities of middle age. She reminds us that midlife reinvention is about thriving, not surviving.

You’ll hear:

✳️How she overcame analysis paralysis and the fear of imperfection that can stall us from taking action.
✳️ How taking a kickboxing class has created a decade-long journey of strength, joy and self-improvement.
✳️ What she wants to be able to do physically when she’s 80 (it’s so inspiring!!).
✳️ Why taking imperfect action can lead to growth and unforeseen opportunities.
✳️ How we can use people we admire to motivate us (instead of feeling jealous of them).
✳️ How Mimi has built resilience and community during midlife (and you can too!).

We had an amazing conversation that is full of wisdom and insight about how we can navigate midlife on our terms and grow into who we truly want to be.

Tune in for our discussion that celebrates the collective journey of midlife transformation and the joy of continuous growth!

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