Camp Reinvention: Helping Women 50+ Change Their Careers by the End of the Year with Dana Hilmer

Camp Reinvention: Helping Women 50+ Change Their Careers by the End of the Year with Dana Hilmer

What would be possible if you boldly reinvented yourself until you found the just-right fit, and then helped other women reinvent themselves in equally bold and inspiring ways?

What if your work as a reinvention coach not only helped women 50+ see new possibilities but also helped turn ageism in the workplace on its head?

Such is the work of 56-year young Reinvention Rebel Dana Hilmer.  Dana is no stranger to reinvention, having done the reinvention dance many times. From corporate marketing executive to successful published author (with three young kids, no less) and many others in between. But when she discovered the power and grace of coaching, she knew she had found her just-right reinvention.

Now’s she’s on a mission to help midlife women 50+ reinvent themselves and find their career mojo through her Camp Reinvention program with fellow coach Wendy Perrotti.

Such a great conversation with this kindred spirit, leaning into our shared passion for inspiring women to look beyond pre-set boundaries and embrace so much more.

I love what Dana shares about:

  • how you can use your age as an asset in your career
  • why you need to pursue your own definition of success, not someone else’s
  • how your reinvention can be as big or small as you want
  • why it’s important to surround yourself with people on a similar reinvention journey, not go it alone
  • how being vulnerable and tapping into moments when you feel truly alive is crucial to reinventing yourself
  • why it’s important to start your reinvention before you’re fully ready (even when scared!)
  • how her Camp Reinvention program is helping women transform their careers in profound and kickass ways!

And this is just scratching the surface! This episode is rich with Dana’s wisdom, inspiration, and insights. Our conversation can’t help but motivate you to consider your own reinvention journey.

What can your midlife reinvention look like & how will you start?

Connect with Dana:

Program:  Change Your Career by the End of the Year Accelerator program
Join Facebook Group: Happy After 50
Free e-book: Freedom From What Keeps You Stuck – Uncover and Break the Hidden Patterns That Hold You Back

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