Creative Reawakening at 55: Embracing Midlife Reinvention with Sharon Burton

Loving the show? Text us and let us know! 😊 Embracing Midlife Reinvention at 55 Reinvention Rebels Podcast: Transforming Lives After 50 🎙️✨ Welcome to the Reinvention Rebels podcast, where we celebrate women aged 50 to 90 who have transformed their lives in bold, remarkable and empowering ways. This episode features an inspiring conversation with…

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Camp Reinvention: Helping Women 50+ Change Their Careers by the End of the Year with Dana Hilmer

What would be possible if you boldly reinvented yourself until you found the just-right fit, and then helped other women reinvent themselves in equally bold and inspiring ways? What if your work as a reinvention coach not only helped women 50+ see new possibilities but also helped turn ageism in the workplace on its head?…

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