Creative Reawakening at 55: Embracing Midlife Reinvention with Sharon Burton

Creative Reawakening at 55: Embracing Midlife Reinvention with Sharon Burton

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Embracing Midlife Reinvention at 55

Reinvention Rebels Podcast: Transforming Lives After 50 🎙️✨

Welcome to the Reinvention Rebels podcast, where we celebrate women aged 50 to 90 who have transformed their lives in bold, remarkable and empowering ways.

This episode features an inspiring conversation with creativity coach and artist Sharon Burton. Tune in to hear about her incredible reinvention journey from art curation to coaching, and how she overcame health challenges to pursue her passion. 🌟

Reinvention Rebels Sharon Burton pictured standing with her arms crossed, smiling.

Key Points:

  1. Sharon Burton’s Reinvention Journey: From art curator to creativity coach 🎨➡️🧠
  2. Facing Health Challenges: Overcoming obstacles and reinventing oneself 💪
  3. Finding Alignment: Discovering passion and stillness in creativity 🧘‍♀️
  4. Overcoming Self-Doubt: Embracing risks and new challenges 🚀
  5. Midlife Creativity: Sharon’s new book release 📚
  6. Stepping Out of Comfort Zones: Rediscovering passions and pursuing dreams ✨
  7. Social Interactions: Importance of connecting with others 🤝
  8. Reading Energy: Understanding and harnessing personal energy 🌟
  9. Journaling with Morning Pages: Unlocking creativity through writing ✍️
  10. Affirmations: Shaping reality with positive self-talk 🗣️
  11. Recognizing Strengths: Embracing and owning your unique talents 🌟
  12. Seeking Feedback: Expanding self-perception through others’ insights 🔍

Join us as we delve into Sharon’s non-linear reinvention process, offering tools for creativity and empowerment. She reminds us that there’s no one way to reinvent ourselves. We’re each on our own journey, awakening to our unique gifts along the way.

This episode is packed with inspiration for women looking to transform their lives at any age. Whether you’re looking to overcome self-doubt, find your passion, or embrace new challenges, Sharon’s story will inspire you to take the first step on your own transformative journey.

Connect with Sharon:

Website: (find her book here – Creative Sparks)
Instagram: @sparkyourcreative

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