Reinvention Rebel Update – Embracing the Journey of Transformation at 71: From Local Beginnings to a Global Vision with Katurah Bryant

Reinvention Rebel Update - Embracing the Journey of Transformation at 71: From Local Beginnings to a Global Vision with Katurah Bryant

Reinvention Rebel:  Transformation at 71 – Never too Late

Do you know what transformation looks like as we age?

Join me, your host Wendy, on a journey of discovery and inspiration with the incredible Katurah Bryant, a 71-year-young Reinvention Rebel who exemplifies the transformative power of reinventing one’s life.

Part of my Where Are They Now mini-series, I’m excited to welcome Katurah back to the show after our interview over 3 years.

Listen in as she shares the latest chapter in her Zola Experience saga, which now beautifully extends its healing reach from adults to adolescents and launches Zola Kids.

This is a celebration of resilience and the pursuit of purpose at any age, highlighting the shared curiosity and hunger for growth that unites all of my guests. She is the queen of later-in-life transformation.

As we mark the first anniversary of Zola’s status as a 501c3 organization, Katurah and I explore the profound impact it’s making globally, including its remarkable expansion into Thailand. Hear about the trained leaders spearheading wellness circles, and the upcoming integration of Zola into Thailand’s carceral and reentry systems.

The parallels in Connecticut are just as impactful, and through Katurah’s narrative, we’re reminded of the global vision for healing that emerged amidst the pandemic, reinforcing her commitment to service despite the hurdles thrown her way.

This episode is powerful – Katurah demonstrates that we can reinvent at any age or age stage – we’re never too old.

How did she do it? She was open to new possibilities. Listen to how she embraced the wisdom of synchronicity, self-trust and divine timing to light her reinvention path.

She has mastered reinvention and transformation and so can you!

There are so many gems in this beautiful episode that can help you see what’s possible in your own reinvention journey.

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