Spirituality & Service: How I Found My New Path at 68!

Meet 68-year young Reinvention Rebel Katurah Bryant.

Vibrant and joyful.

Spiritual and of service.

Empowered and evolved.

Living life on purpose and adding value for others.

Katurah’s magnetic energy, sense of purpose, spiritual grounding and desire to live her best life are on display in our episode. She is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

In this episode, Katurah shares how:

  • she’s reinvented herself at 68 to help others navigate grief and loss
  • earlier reinventions helped pave the way for her current success
  • she uses the power of spirit and inner wisdom to guide her
  • women can create greater self-appreciation through powerful exercises
  • Reinvention Rebels in training can get started down a new path just like she did
  • and so much more!

Connect with Katurah:

Website: The Zola Experience
Email: admin@thezolaexperience.com
Email: katurah@globalalchemygroup.com


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1 comment on “Spirituality & Service: How I Found My New Path at 68!

  1. Elicia Baker-Rogers says:

    Excellent interview and sharing of Katurah’s life experiences to inspire other women to move forward with their aspirations and dreams.

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