Reinvention at 69: How I Created “Alive, Fit & Free” – a Community of Sexy, Smart and Strong Modern Seniors with Vickie Aigner

Reinvention at 69: How I Created "Alive, Fit & Free" - a Community of Sexy, Smart and Strong Modern Seniors with Vickie Aigner

Reinvention at Any Age or Any Stage

Ready for a powerful reinvention story that will help you redefine what it means to age with vibrancy, health, and joy?

Meet 69-year young Vickie Aigner, an integrative fitness guru who has transformed the lives of hundreds of seniors.

Using her virtual Alive, Fit and Free platform, Vickie helps seniors gain strength and energy, build community, and make joyful connections that support vibrant health.

Her oldest member, Lois, is 101 and going strong!

These aren’t your average seniors. They’re modern seniors leaning into being their strongest, sexiest and self-confident selves!

Vickie has overcome numerous obstacles to powerfully reinvent herself and add value to the world. She is changing lives in the best ways!

I love what she shares about her reinvention journey and how she:

✅ transformed her disklike for how seniors are viewed and reimagined the idea of Modern Seniors
✅ created a network of connected seniors and built longevity and vitality
✅ combats isolation and helps seniors build new neuropathways
✅ overcame rectal cancer and continues to reinvent
✅ had to be willing to fall apart in order to come back together better and stronger.

As painful as certain times of her life have been (like being widowed with six kids), she says she wouldn’t change a thing.

Vickie shares powerful wisdom about resiliency and how new possibilities can emerge when we’re open to reinventing ourselves.

This is a beautiful episode that can help inspire your own reinvention journey!

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Connect with Vickie:
Instagram: @alivefitandfree
Facebook Group: Alive, Fit and Free
LinkedIn: Alive, Fit and Free
YouTube: Alive, Fit and Free channel

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