Reinvention Inspiration: Revisit Past Experiences to Find Fresh Reinvention Ideas

Reinvention Inspiration: Revisit Past Experiences to Find Fresh Reinvention Ideas

Reinvention Inspiration to Start Your Journey

What happens when we revisit our past experiences as fodder for our current growth and expansion?

Have you ever noticed that a fresh perspective can transform an old idea into something new?

And those new ideas can help us navigate the reinvention process in interesting, and sometimes unexpected, ways.

While we may look to the past and be reminded of things that we didn’t like or didn’t go well, the opposite can be true too.

The past is a remarkable place to help us move forward. Instead of thinking of it with fear or dread, we can approach it with possibility.

Sometimes we had a good idea but the timing wasn’t right. Being patient and believing in the power of manifestation can propel our reinvention journey forward in the most joyful ways.

In this solo episode I share:

✳️ What happened when I revisited my dislike for bananas years later
✳️ Why we should stay open to new ideas even if we’re resistant
✳️ How revisiting voice acting 20 years later sparked my career as a podcast host
✳️ Why being open to change is so important in reinventing ourselves
✳️ 3 questions to ask yourself that can help spark new ideas

I’ve got ideas for you to help you keep moving forward as you reinvent yourself.  Take a listen and try them on for size.

Mentioned in this episode:

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