Reinvention at 50+: Ready to Thrive? You Gotta Build Your Bounce-Back-Ability Muscle

Reinvention at 50+: Ready to Thrive? You Gotta Build Your Bounce-Back-Ability Muscle

Reinvention done well often means we’ve developed our ability to address and overcome challenges.

Ever notice that some people have the unique ability to bounce back from obstacles?

The kind of people who can maneuver around daunting roadblocks in their way and make things work.

The kind of people who are able to figure out and navigate the craziness and uncertainty of midlife with more ease and grace than many of us.

People that can do that have what I call “bounce-back-ability”

It doesn’t mean they don’t struggle or get frustrated but they are open to figuring things out. They are willing to build their trust muscle and keep things moving in the direction of their dreams.

They are resilient as all get out despite challenging circumstances.

Bounce-back-ability is a unique quality that Reinvention Rebels possess, the amazing women between 50 and 90 that I have the honor to interview.

They have tough times and they keep it moving.

Do you have it too?

Listen to this episode and you’ll learn:

✳️ The three key ingredients for bounce-back-ability
✳️ Why bounce-back-ability is so important
✳️ One action you can take to build your bounce-back-ability muscle

Ready to build this muscle to make it easier to respond (and not react) to life’s challenges? Developing this muscle will help and I’m excited to share my 3-ingredient “not so secret” secret sauce for crushing midlife challenges (or at least approaching them with more confidence and grace!).

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