Reinvention at 50+: 3 Ways Reinvention Rebels Adopt a “Perfectly Imperfect” Mindset

Reinvention at 50+: 3 Ways Reinvention Rebels Adopt a "Perfectly Imperfect" Mindset

Reinvention Begins with Perfectly Imperfect Action

What would be possible if you created a “perfectly imperfect” mindset?

  • Would you pursue your dreams and not get stuck in the how?
  • Would you trust that things are unfolding in just the right way?
  • Would you take forward action even though your idea wasn’t perfectly formed?
  • Would you overcome your missteps with grace instead of negative self-talk?

The thing is, Reinvention Rebels, the amazing women between 50 and 90 whom I interview, have learned to embrace a perfectly imperfect mindset.

They are boldly claiming their dreams and going for them even though the details may be unclear.|

Their way on their terms.

They are doing the dang thing.

And guess what? You can create a perfectly imperfect mindset too!

Join me for this episode to learn:

✳️ How we often let perfection get in the way of progress
✳️ Why getting started imperfectly (as opposed to not at all) is so important
✳️ What we can learn from our imperfect reinvention  journey
✳️ How two Reinvention Rebels, Angel Cornelius and Kelley Norcia,  moved forward with perfectly imperfect action to great success
✳️ 3 perfectly imperfect qualities that Reinvention Rebels possess to make forward progress

This short episode will get you thinking about your own reinvention journey and offers up some simple tips and a compelling question to help you move forward with your dreams.

Reinvention Rebels, what are you waiting for? Let’s embrace perfectly imperfect action!

Mentioned in this Episode:

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