Reinventing My 60s: Tales of a Serial Reinvention-ista | How My Reinvention Journey Led to Transforming Young Lives in Their Community

Reinventing My 60s: Tales of a Serial Reinvention-ista | How My Reinvention Journey Led to Transforming Young Lives in Their Community

Reinventing My 60s: How “Serial” Reinvention Can Change Lives

By the time we reach our 60s, many of us are reinvention pros – we’ve reinvented ourselves so many times that we’ve lost track!

Each reinvention is part of our journey to evolve into who we are today.

And when we’re open to “serial reinvention” – giving ourselves permission to become our best selves through reinvention time and time again – anything is possible.

Just ask my guest Patricia Melton – community builder, young adult cheerleader, and a self-proclaimed, “reinvention-ista”.  She has reinvented her professional, personal and athletics lives many times over.

From decorated college athletic to Olympic hopeful to passionate cyclist in her 60s.

From innovative educator to a curator of “adulting” – helping young people grow and transform as they invent who they want to be.

From an active community member to a key partner in changing the landscape of educational opportunity in New Haven, Connecticut.

“Reinventing my 60s has brought immense joy, adventure and new possibilities” she says.

At 63, she is brimming with wisdom and inspiration about her reinvention journey!

I love what she shares about:

✅How our biggest challenges can spark new possibilities for personal growth
✅Why faith and belief help to build resilience on our journey
✅How the pandemic created new opportunities to reinvent herself including as a passionate cyclist after 60
✅Why asking “who am I?” and knowing ourselves are key to reinvention
✅How embracing a new community has transformed life in powerful ways

And so much more! Patricia is modest about her contributions but has truly helped to shape education possibilities in the New Haven community and so many other places she’s lived through her talents and reinventions.

Picture of Patricia Melton with two of her New Haven Promise students. Reinventing My 60s is how Patricia describes her midlife journey to see new possibilities.

Her story encourages deep reflection  – you’ll want to take a peek under the hood and do some reinvention thinking of your own. Plus she’ll inspire you into action because life is short so why wait?

Pop in your earbuds and get ready for a treat with this insightful and accomplished Reinvention Rebel!

“Although I’ve reinvented myself numerous times, reinventing my 60s has allowed me to see how all my prior reinventions have come together to form this time in my life. I’m a reinventionista!”, say Patricia.

Connect with Patricia via New Haven Promise

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