Embracing Silver Hair and Midlife Reinvention: A Conversation with Tangled Silver Magazine Publisher Robin Salls

Embracing Silver Hair and Midlife Reinvention: A Conversation with Tangled Silver Magazine Publisher Robin Salls

Embracing Silver Hair and Midlife Reinvention

If you’re a midlife or older woman, you’ve probably spent time contemplating the greying of your hair – good, bad and everything in between.

Whether you’re joyfully going grey, contemplating what’s next for your hair or coloring it, you will love what I’m sharing today.

These days, silver hair is in. Not your grandma’s silver hair, but hip versions of grey and silver hair.

In this episode, I have a fascinating conversation with Robin Salls, the founder of the first-ever magazine for silver-haired women, Tangled Silver.

Picture of Robin Salls, publisher of Tangled Silver magazien for women with silver hair. She is wearing a pink and white paisley print top.

We discuss the importance of community, self-acceptance, and embracing the aging process. We also explore the inspiring stories of women who have embraced their silver hair and redefined themselves in midlife.

Join us as we delve into the empowering journey of reinvention and the endless possibilities that await those who choose to embrace change and growth at any age.

Tune in to hear:

✅ What inspired Robin to go grey  (and how her hair is healthier than ever before!)
✅ Why Robin started Tangled Silver  and the powerful lessons she’s learned as she’s reinvented herself as a magazine publisher
✅ Why going grey can be an empowering experience for midlife women
✅ How Robin is helping women embrace their grey hair with joy (this ain’t your grandma’s grey!)
✅ How women are supporting each other in the silver community, encouraging self-acceptance and embracing aging

Our conversation is powerful and life-affirming. We can navigate our midlife hair and changes with joy, not trepidation.

Don’t miss this episode full of inspiration, motivation, and valuable insights to help you navigate your midlife hair journey.

We can choose silver hair with confidence. We can choose to go grey on our terms. We can find a community of other women with silver hair too. Together, we can rock the world!

Connect with Robin:

Instagram: @tangledsilver
Instagram: @tangledsilvermagazine
Twitter @RobinSalls
Facebook: Tangledsilvermag

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