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Embracing Silver Hair and Midlife Reinvention: A Conversation with Tangled Silver Magazine Publisher Robin Salls

Embracing Silver Hair and Midlife Reinvention If you’re a midlife or older woman, you’ve probably spent time contemplating the greying of your hair – good, bad and everything in between. Whether you’re joyfully going grey, contemplating what’s next for your hair or coloring it, you will love what I’m sharing today. These days, silver hair…

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Honoring the Legacy of Elaine Banks Battles – A Life of Curiosity, Community and Connection

This is a tribute to my amazing mom, Elaine Battles. Read about her life and then hear about her amazing reinvention journey in the details below and on the podcast episode we recorded in 2022. ❤️ ******************** Obituary Elaine Banks Battles, beloved mother, grandmother, cousin, friend and community leader, passed away on September 2, 2023,…

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