Reinvention at 61: Liberated and LIT! with Ife Michelle Gardin

What would be possible if you followed your greatest passion and reinvented yourself in new, bold, and exciting ways?

Almost anything, as 61-year young Reinvention Rebel Ife Michelle Gardin can attest.

This unapologetic rebel has found her sweet spot, leaned into her many gifts, and reinvented herself to create a lasting cultural legacy – The Elm City Lit Fest in New Haven, Connecticut.

This isn’t just any kind of literary festival.

In fact, it’s the only LIT fest in the world that celebrates literature, literary arts, and literary artists of the African Diaspora.

Ife says that liberating herself –  uncovering, owning, and embracing her true self has led to a newfound sense of freedom as she ages. At 61, that freedom and creativity have manifested in a festival that celebrates, illuminates, and elevates black writers.

We had the best conversation about her reinvention journey, the many fits and starts, and her biggest lessons learned. Her story is inspiring, reminding us that it’s never too late for any of us to reinvent ourselves and be of service to others.

In this episode Ife shares:

  • How her passion for the arts started as a child and was key to reinventing herself in her 60s
  • How having an expansive mindset helps to uncover new possibilities for joy as we age
  • Why getting out of our own way is so important (let’s stop making things so hard!)
  • How finding our true self leads to a liberating sense of freedom
  • Why she refuses to lose joy, love, and compassion as she ages
  • How she’s creating an empowering arts legacy that celebrates the African diaspora and has  attracted a global audience
  • And so much more!

You won’t want to miss this episode – a peek into reinvention in action. Ife plants the seeds for how we can create our own bountiful version of reinvention badassery to shine like never before (or again!)

Lean in and listen for a big dose of empowerment, encouragement, and inspiration to fuel your own unique reinvention.

Connect with Ife:

Instagram: @ifemichellerose
Instagram: Elm City LIT Fest
Facebook: Elm City LIT Fest
Podcast: Elm City LIT Fest podcast

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