Midlife Reinvention: How I Got My GED at 43 and Became a Best Selling Author at 52 with Jill Carlyle

Midlife Reinvention: How I Got My GED at 43 and Became a Best Selling Author at 52 with Jill Carlyle

What if you listened to your inner wisdom as a guide to pursue your biggest midlife dreams?

What if you kicked naysayers to the curb, ignoring their self-limiting beliefs about what you can achieve?

And what if you believed in yourself like never before?

That’s just what 52-year young Reinvention Rebel Jill Carlyle has done!

This fierce Rebel has gone for it when others told her not to and she’s reinvented herself in bold, brave, and empowering ways.

She’s grown into her authentic self, finding her voice and sharing her story with the world.

She not only got her GED at 43 but has gone on to earn multiple degrees and become an adjunct professor.

And now she’s added bestselling author to her list too, having published her memoir, Finding Fifty.

But the path to greater self-permission and self-empowerment wasn’t easy.

She’s overcome huge obstacles and worked through multiple issues to get to where she is today.

Her story is about victory, overcoming odds, and being true to oneself, no matter what others think.

I love what Jill shares about:

✅ How faith and hope motivated her to keep moving forward and get her GED at 43
✅ Why we have to stay focused on our own journey, not someone else’s
✅ How she built her “knowing” muscle to live life with more certainty
✅ Why finding inner peace has brought her the most joy
✅ How writing her book helped her transform her life
✅ Why starting small and taking baby steps is so important
✅ How we can all inspire ourselves forward
✅ Why she rejects society’s limited notions of women as we age

There is so much joy and inspiration in a midlife woman rising. Jill’s reinvention story is testimony to what’s possible for any of us when we choose to move forward with certainty and wisdom.

What’s your reinvention story? What would be possible if you were willing to step into your own greatness?

Connect with Jill:

Instagram: @jillcarlylewrites
Facebook: @Jillwritesabook
Facebook Group: Finding Fifty
Website: jillcarlylewrites.com
Website: www.theempoweredpress.com

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