Helping Women 50+ See Their Inner and Outer Beauty

Ready for a dose of inspiration to fuel your Inner Reinvention Rebel?

It’s here!!! Season 2 of the Reinvention Rebels podcast has dropped!!

My guest, photographer Kelley Norcia, helps midlife and older women shine and see themselves as the amazing, beautiful women they are, inside and out. She is a portrait photographer who reinvented herself to start her 50 Over 50 photo campaign last year,  capturing 50 women over 50 years of age. And when the pandemic is over, she will feature them in a wonderful exhibit.

She is a true Reinvention Rebel, reimaging her life to find new purpose and possibilities!

You’ll hear the story of how Kelley reinvented herself and got inspired to photograph midlife and older women in their best light, helping to build their confidence and joy.

Come along and listen to our chat about how we can learn to fall in love with ourselves, see our value, and transform in as many ways as we like.

We had the best conversation about what it means to age vibrantly, how we can be our best selves, and how we can change the narrative about how women are portrayed as we age.

She reminds us that it’s never too late for a do-over, we can reinvent ourselves at any age or any stage. We just have to do it!

I love what Kelley shared about:

  • What happens when women let loose during a 50+ photo session
  • How it’s never too late to fall in love with ourselves
  • Why being audacious about your dreams and goals is so important
  • The importance of self-love, especially as we age

Ready for a dose of inspiration? Are you 50 or 90, or somewhere in between? The Reinvention Rebels podcast will help you see new possibilities for your life!

Connect with Kelley:

Instagram:  @kelley_norcia_photography
Facebook: @kelleynorciaphotography

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1 comment on “Helping Women 50+ See Their Inner and Outer Beauty

  1. Wendy, your conversation with Kelley Norcia was great fun. I am one of those women who do NOT like to have their photo taken, so it was delightful to hear what Kelley does to make women more comfortable so that their beauty can shine.
    Kelley, eager to see your “50 Over 50” exhibit whenever the Covid restrictions ease up. Will be fun to celebrate together!

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