Reinvention Rebel Update – Where Are They Now: Breaking Out of the Age Cage and Embracing Reinvention at 69 with Wendi Knox

Reinvention Rebel Update – Where Are They Now: Breaking Out of the Age Cage and Embracing Reinvention at 69 with Wendi Knox

Can breaking free from the ‘age cage’ revolutionize the way we view our later years?

That’s the profound question Wendi Knox addresses as she returns to our show, casting a light on her quest to redefine the aging experience for women over 50.

I loved when Wendi joined me three years ago on the podcast at 66 and talked about the transformative nature of dragonflies in lighting her reinvention path. Three years later, on the brink of 70, she’s back with so many amazing insights about her reinvention journey.

Through her enlightening workshop ‘Breaking Out of the Age Cage’ and an empowering video project, Wendi is at the forefront of transforming aging into a stage of becoming more. Our conversation traverses the realms of the divine feminine, the dragonfly’s metaphorical journey, and the power of listening to the soul’s whispers, offering a fresh perspective on personal growth, intention, and the significance of heartfelt connections.

This episode is a masterclass in owning your greatness and the art of ‘refiring’ rather than retiring.

Wendi shares:

✅ How she lead a workshop while navigating personal grief, illustrating the duality of human emotion and our ability to hold space for both joy and sadness.
✅ Why granting ourselves permission to break free from societal shackles is key to our continual reinvention.
✅ How embracing our inner magnificence can help us reach the highest expressions of ourselves.

And so much more!

Join us as we catch up with Wendi and explore these powerful themes. I can’t wait for you to listen – this episode can’t help but inspire you as we head into the new year.

Connect with Wendi:

Instagram: @wendiknoxuplifter

Mentioned in the episode:

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