Reinventing My 70s: Modeling at 72, Kickboxing at 74

What if at 74, you defied society’s expectations for what women “should” do as we age?

What if you shifted your mindset to one of unlimited possibilities?

And what if you followed your passions and let your beautiful light shine for others to see new paths?

That is exactly what Carolyn Doelling, Reinvention Rebel extraordinaire, has done.

This fierce and fabulous Reinvention Rebel is truly flipping the script on what society says older women should do, be, and look like.

Can you imagine LAUNCHING a modeling career at 72? Carolyn did.

And her story is one that can’t help but get you to think about your own life, what’s possible, no matter your age.

She is flipping the script on how aging women show up in the world. And she’s shining a light on older women of color in the fashion industry.

I was tickled pink when Carolyn joined me in the Reinvention Rebels guest chair to share her reinvention journey, how she’s reimagined life in her 70s, and the amazing things she’s learned along the way.

I love what Carolyn shares about:

  • How she started modeling at 72 and how’s she set her sights on walking the runway
  • How she’s using her passion for fashion to help diversify the modeling industry
  • How we can strategically use color to “show up” as we age
  • Why we shouldn’t pay attention to others’ opinions about what we’re wearing
  • What she does to create a “body-positive” mindset (including kickboxing at 74)
  • Why naming and claiming what we want is so important
  • Her trick for building momentum toward her goals

And that’s just scratching the surface!

We had an intimate and empowering conversation about reinvention, aging vibrantly, and how we can pursue our dreams no matter our age.

Carolyn radiates joy, warmth, and confidence and her vibe is contagious.

You can’t help but listen to her story, her inspiration, her vision for changing limited thinking – and want to create some of your own reinvention magic, on your own terms.

Sit back, relax and enjoy our delightful conversation.

Thanks for listening and sharing with the amazing women (and men) in your life itching for new possibilities.

This all begs a simple question – if Carolyn can reinvent herself as a model at 72, what kind of reinvention magic can you create?

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