Meet Wendi Knox — From Muck to Magic: Soaring at 66!

What happens when two women named Wendy/Wendi get together? Pure reinvention magic!

Don’t you love when you meet someone new and you have an immediate connection?  Like you’ve known each other for years?

That’s what happened when Wendi Knox joined the Reinvention Rebels guest chair. We clicked. And I happily soaked up her 66-year young energy, wisdom, and grace.

Wendi is amazing and insightful. She is an author, artist and “uplifter” – seriously, how cool is that, an uplifter? 💜

She shares her delightful reinvention journey, how she soars at 66, and the power of dragonflies to light her path.

She is a true Reinvention Rebel.
She has unapologetically reinvented herself with courage and joy.
She embraces life with open arms and will inspire you to do the same,

In this episode Wendi shares how:

  • dragonflies were the key to her reinvention
  • she let go of old stories to grow her reinvention wings
  • she helps women transform their muck into magic
  • we can harness the power of nature to nurture ourselves
  • knowing and trusting ourselves is the key to revealing our inner wisdom

She reminds us that it’s never too late to soar, even if we’ve never done it before!

Connect with Wendi:

Swing by Wendi’s website to soak up more of her wisdom and light.

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Wendi is pleased to offer a 20% discount on her book, From Muck to Magic, to all Reinvention Rebels listeners. Use code MAGIC at checkout.


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