How I Found My Yes: 57, Fierce & Fabulous!

Babz Rawls Ivy is a Reinvention Rebel badass. 

On fire.

If you live in New Haven, CT you already know how fabulous she is. If you don’t, you’re in for a treat.

You can’t help but get drawn in by Babz’s magnetic energy, engaging personality, and passion for life. 

Babz is a radio personality, morning show producer, and podcast host. Add to that blogger, newspaper editor, and social media influencer.  You can also find her giving back, volunteering her time with many local organizations.

At 57-years young, Babz has rediscovered herself with fresh energy and ideas! She joined me in the guest chair for an inspiring conversation about her reinvention journey, how she’s found her sweet spot in her 50s, and what’s she’s learned along the way.

I love what Babz shares about:

  • how she got off the beaten path to chart her own course
  • why tuning out others’ expectations and ‘noise’ is key to reinventing yourself
  • how focusing on yourself is an act of self-love
  • why self-empowerment is so important
  • how her reinvention journey fell into place when she learned to say Yes
  • why ditching self-sabotage and embracing self-rescue is so freeing
  • and so much more!

Ready for a dose of inspiration? Are you 50 or 90, or somewhere in between? The Reinvention Rebels podcast will help you see new possibilities for your life!

Connect with Babz:

Instagram: @lovebabz
Facebook: Love Babz, Love Talk
Facebook: @babzrawlsivy

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1 comment on “How I Found My Yes: 57, Fierce & Fabulous!

  1. Hey, Babz and Wendy – I just listened to your podcast –
    huge energy, wonderful wisdom, great fun. I especially relish these invitations –
    “Extend grace to yourself “–
    “Ask yourself: What do you WANT?” (thanks to Misty Copeland) –
    “Where do you want to GO?” Paris – front porch – anywhere!
    These days, with so many people dying, I guess the message is clearer than ever for each of us: be who we are fully RIGHT NOW – don’t wait!
    Know that I loved the podcast and love you both.

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