Episode 4: Finding My Path in My 50s: Travel, Self-Discovery and Empowerment

What if your 50s brought clarity about your true purpose?

What if you stopped asking for permission and started embracing your new path?

And what if that new path led to empowering yourself and other women through travel?  

Meet 57-year young Erica Bradley.

This joyful, kind, and inspiring Reinvention Rebel thrives on unapologetically lifting other women up. She traded in her corporate sales career for the opportunity to create engaging, memorable, and sometimes life changing travel experiences.

Take a listen and learn: 

·         How her journey of self-discovery led her to her true passion – travel

·         What it means to pursue your authentic path (and ignore others’ expectations)

·         How we can empower ourselves by empowering others

And. So. Much. More.

I love the wisdom she shares, so many wonderful insights!

Connect with Erica:

Facebook –  ericagbradley
Instagram: @silhouetteandsoul
Email: erica@crimsonworldtravel.com

Other helpful links mentioned on this episode:

1 comment on “Episode 4: Finding My Path in My 50s: Travel, Self-Discovery and Empowerment

  1. Marsha Harrison says:

    Oh my God Erica I so enjoyed your conversation with Wendy. I kinda stumble on your podcast and glad that I did It was so inspiring so YOU ….a loving & kind person who has always been pulling up woman with your big smile and warm spirit. I too have my being Mary Jane moments with post it stickers around my house of POSITIVE affirmation and as you were saying I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me I looked at my post on the wall…lol
    So appreciate you and really enjoyed your conversation soror Marsha H

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