50 is the New 50: Live BOLD!

Who’s one of your midlife sheros that helps you live boldly?

One of those fierce, never-give-up women is Loukia Mastrodimos, a true Reinvention Rebel! She:

  • Lost 60 pounds at 44
  • Became a yoga teacher at 45
  • Left a 20-year career and 6-figure salary at 46
  • Started her own coaching practice at 47
  • Moved 2000 miles away to live by the ocean at 48
  • Launched her own podcast at 49
  • Embraced her age with hell yes vs oh no at 50

Loukia has experienced a lot, made progress, had setbacks, and kept on pushing herself to reimagine her life in a way that worked for her.

Fits and starts for sure. And a few do-overs along the way.

Over time she figured it out. Now she helps other people figure it out too as a midlife coach.

She is so cool and we had the best conversation about conquering midlife, seeing new possibilities, and becoming a Reinvention Rebel.

She has unapologetically claimed midlife with reckless abandon!

I love what Loukia shared about:

  • How we need to take a few imperfect steps to get started
  • Her biggest lesson learned – that she is good enough
  • How you can be grateful for what you have AND want more
  • Why having “guides on the side” are so important to reinventing yourself
  • How we can become bolder as we navigate midlife
  • Why we need to say Yes to creating an amazing midlife

And so much more!

Join us for a great conversation about how to turn midlife on its head, find your true North and come out the other side stronger, happier, and bolder.

Ready to start living BOLD and on purpose? This isn’t your mom’s midlife! Let’s do this!

Connect with Loukia:

Website: midlifeinbold.com 

Facebook: Midlife in Bold
Facebook Group:
Midlife Women Making Change without Fear
Instagram:  @midlifeinbold
Podcast: This Midlife in Bold

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1 comment on “50 is the New 50: Live BOLD!

  1. Joanne says:

    Love this podcast!
    Both of you are so inspiring and very clear on this whole concept! You are speaking to me!! It’s like you’re my besties!
    It’s great to see women our in our age group who are already doing it! Your connection energy with each other is palpable.
    I follow both of you and love what you’re doing!
    Cheers to both of you! 💃

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