Reinvention at 72: A Season of Serving – Public Servant, Politician & Policy Maker with Carol Hill-Evans

Reinvention at 72: A Season of Serving - Public Servant, Politician & Policy Maker with Carol Hill-Evans

Reinvention: It’s Never Too Late and We’re Never Too Old

How many of us have considered reinventing ourselves by starting a career in politics at 66? Most likely, not many.

But that’s what my guest, Carol HIll-Evans has done.

She has reinvented herself in interesting and bold ways, and in so doing, has created positive and lasting changes in herself and her community.

Her story is inspiring, from getting her undergraduate degrees in her 50s to being elected to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives at 66. At 72, she’s going strong, shining her light in extraordinary ways. I love her reinvention story about what’s possible as we age when we have a healthy dose of curiosity.

Carol’s passion for being of service to others and authenticity makes for a delightful and dynamic reinvention story. She shares insightful lessons that are both inspiring and empowering:

✅  Why she was motivated to go back to school and get her degree in her 50s
✅  How her prior experiences prepared her for her current role as a public servant
✅  Why it’s so important to surround yourself with people who believe in you
✅  How her reinvention dream team was the key to her success (we all need one!)
✅  What she learned from losing an election and how it created the space for other opportunities to serve
✅  How we can turn disappoints into fuel for our reinventions
✅  How she continues to reinvent herself through tragedy

Carol reminds us that we’ll find obstacles along our path but with faith, there’s nothing we can’t overcome.

She beautifully exemplifies the idea that we can reinvent ourselves at any age or any stage of life. There’s no expiration date. At 72, she continues to reinvent herself in brave and bold ways.

Lean in and listen to her inspiring story and then consider what could be possible in your future, no matter your age.

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