Reinventing My 50s & 60s: How I Created Great Dames Inc. to Empower Women & Girls with Sharon Kelly Hake

Reinventing My 50s & 60s: How I Created Great Dames Inc. to Empower Women & Girls with Sharon Kelly Hake

Reinvent on Your Terms to Find New Possibilities in Midlife

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I’m beyond excited to share with you this week’s extraordinary episode, featuring the remarkable Sharon Kelly Hake, co-founder and president of Great Dames Inc. Sharon reinvented herself in her early 50s. At 67, she continues to reinvent in new ways.

Episode Highlights:

  1. A Journey of Transformation: Sharon shares her incredible transition from a bustling corporate career to establishing Great Dames, an organization dedicated to empowering women through dynamic leadership programs. Share tells us what it feels like to reinvent in new ways.
  2. Empowering Connections: Discover how Great Dames focuses on fostering meaningful connections and support among women. Sharon passionately explains the significance of community-building and how these relationships help women thrive and achieve their dreams. 💖
  3. Mentorship Magic: We delve into the vital role of mentorship in enabling women to reach their full potential.
  4. Tools for Self-Discovery: Learn about the Great Dames Discovery Tool, a fantastic resource for identifying personal strengths and crafting unique purpose statements. 🛠️💡
  5. Inspiring Initiatives: From Great Dames Circle Meetings to the Remarkable Ideas program, this episode covers the numerous initiatives designed to encourage women to share their goals, receive feedback, and make impactful changes in their communities.

Grab your favorite beverage and tune in to this week’s episode! 🎧

This episode is a reminder that any of us can reinvent our lives – even when we’re scared and unsure. Let’s do this!

Connect with Sharon:

Great Dames Website:
Book: Great Dames – Women Sharing Their Power
Instagram: @smkhake

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