How I Reinvented 61: Pivots & New Possibilities with Kim Boudreau Smith

How does it feel when you tune into your bold voice and let her roar?

For many women, finding our bold voice takes time. We’ve been told to play nice and keep her under wraps.

Finding our authentic self, from which our bold voice emanates, is no small task. It takes time, patience, and courage.

But when we do – pure magic!

61-year young Reinvention Rebel Kim Boudreau Smith knows a lot about finding that bold voice and inviting her out to play. She’s reinvented herself many times, each time strengthening her voice along the way. That led to a host of new and exciting possibilities.

We had the best conversation about her reinvention journey and the many lessons she’s learned along the way.

I love what she shares about:

  • how she woke up and reclaimed her life after falling asleep at the wheel
  • how she learned to pivot and reinvent herself during the pandemic
  • why society needs to embrace women being their true selves
  • how she stopped faking it and kicked perfectionism to the curb
  • how being more authentic with ourselves and others yields amazing growth
  • why asking for help is key to jumpstarting our personal growth
  • how Kim practices “soul care” and you can too

And so much more fierce wisdom!

You can’t help but be inspired by our conversation and challenge yourself to think differently (and bigger!) and about your own life.

No matter our age, we can all tune in, get to know ourselves better, and uncover our bold voice.

How will you pivot and reinvent yourself to create new possibilities?

Connect with Kim:

Instagram: @herboldvoicespeaks
LinkedIn @kimboudreausmith

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