Reinvention Update – Where Are They Now: Life Lessons from Barb Nangle’s Reinvention Rebel Journey

Reinvention Update - Where Are They Now: Life Lessons from Barb Nangle's Reinvention Rebel Journey

I’ve had this idea for a while – interview past guests to see where their reinvention journey has taken them – how they’ve grown and what have they’ve learned about themselves.

Stories of growth are powerful. Usually, because they involve some degree of stumbling or confusion before we really figure things out. 😆

Barb’s Reinvention Journey – Full of twists

You’ll find that in this first Where Are They Now interview with the fierce and fabulous Barb Nangle.

Barb’s reinvention journey has been a mix of gaining clarity, trying things, figuring out what works and what doesn’t, and trying again.

Her reinvention story is both encouraging and validating! (sometimes it takes multiple do-overs!)

In the episode Barb shares:

✅how her reinvention journey evolved over the past three years – from a podcast host to a dedicated boundaries coach.
✅her biggest lesson learned from her unfolding journey — realizing that she is unstoppable.
✅why resilience, boundary setting, and embracing one’s awesomeness are key to reinventing
✅the importance of persistence and why we need to reimagine and pivot to reach success.
✅why we need to keep the focus on ourselves and learn to pour from the overflow.

And so much more – you will love this powerful, full-of-wisdom episode!

Connect with Barb:

Podcast: Fragmented to Whole
Instagram: @higherpowercoaching

Mentioned in the episode:

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