Reinventing Yourself: How Setting Healthy Boundaries Accelerates Your Reinvention Journey with Barb Nangle

Reinventing Yourself: How Setting Healthy Boundaries Accelerates Your Reinvention Journey with Barb Nangle

Have you ever said YES to someone when you really wanted to say NO? 

It's easy to people please at the expense of our own needs.

But to stand in your power and be clear about what you're willing or not willing to do? 

It's emancipating. And it means we're being true to ourselves.

It also means we're establishing and leveraging our boundaries – powerful guard rails to help keep us on track.

When we get clear about our boundaries and communicate our needs, we can find deeper satisfaction, even joy.

Boundaries can be helpful not just for the  everyday stuff of life but also as we reinvent ourselves.

Others' expectations can lead us astray, but not if we have healthy boundaries!

Barb Nangle, boundaries coach and podcast host, knows a lot about boundaries. At 59, this fierce Reinvention Rebel has used boundaries to reinvent her life in meaningful ways. And she's coaches other to embrace boundaries too. 

I love what she shares about:

✅How she learned how to show up for herself after years of people pleasing 
✅Why learning to love ourselves is so important to setting boundaries 
✅How 12-step programs propelled Barb forward in her reinvention journey and helped her be authentic 
✅Why self-reflection is so important in setting healthy boundaries (we are part of the solution!) 
✅How being “flawsome” (flawed and awesome) helps us navigate life with more ease

and so much more in this conversation!

Our episode is full of insights about how boundaries can help us as we reinvent ourselves and navigate life.

Listen to this encore episode from season 1 of the Reinvention Rebels podcast – Barb was my first guest! So many gems to get you thinking about life, boundaries and reinvention.

Connect with Barb:

Website: Higher Power Coaching
Podcast: Fragmented to Whole Podcast
Instagram: @HigherPowerCoaching

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