Reinventing Yourself After 50: Reinvention Rebels Season 4 Highlights Episode | Bold & Unapologetic Midlife Women that Inspire!

Reinventing Yourself After 50: Reinvention Rebels Season 4 Highlights Episode | Bold & Unapologetic Midlife Women that Inspire!

Do you know that you can dream big, overcome self-doubt and reinvent yourself in midlife and beyond?

Yes, YOU. 😍

You can live on purpose and invite in new possibilities.

You can decide now's the time to pursue your desires.

You can ditch others' limiting beliefs and find your reinvention groove.

You can finally make yourself a priority.

I know it's true based on the amazing midlife and older women I interview – Reinvention Rebels who have reimagined life in their 50s and beyond to find new purpose and possibilities!

They remind us that anything is possible if we believe it's so.

Ready to get inspired to spark your reinvention journey? Lean in and listen to this season 4 best-of episode and soak up the abundant reinvention wisdom these Rebels share. 

Check out highlights from my fabulous guests and then listen to the full episodes – again, or for the first time!

Reinventing My 50s: Just Say Yes! How I Crushed Self-Doubt and Became a Silver-
       Haired Midlife Model with Rachel Peru

Reinvention at 72: A Season of Serving – Public Servant, Politician & Policy Maker
       with Carol Hill-Evans

Reinvention at 69: How I Created “Alive, Fit & Free” – a Community of Sexy, Smart
       and Strong Modern Seniors with Vickie Aigner

Reinventing My 80s: Taking Center Stage – How I Launched a Full-Time Acting
       Career with Stephanie Schwartz

Reinventing My 50s: Good Girl Gone – How I Ditched Perfectionism and People
       Pleasing to Find My Authentic Self with Wendy Hutchinson

Reinvention After Divorce – How a Marriage Breakdown Led to a Personal
       Breakthrough with Nina Blaicher

Reinvention in Your 60s: How I Created a Self-Care Lifestyle & Gave Myself
       Permission to Blossom with Dr. Sheryl Barnes

But wait, that's not all!

I've also chosen my top 3 favorite solo episodes from season 4 too. These are the episodes where I share my own reinvention challenges, what I've learned and how I'm continuing to grow.

Learning How to Show Up for Yourself is Key to Reinvention Success
Ready to Thrive? You Gotta Build Your Bounce-Back-Ability Muscle
✅3 Ways Reinvention Rebels Adopt a “Perfectly Imperfect” Mindset

We can never have too much inspiration. These women remind us that anything is possible. If we can dream it, we can achieve it!


Thanks for joining me, let's reinvent and get inspired together!

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Facebook: @ReinventionRebels

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