How to Master the Art of Midlife Reinvention: 5 Ways Tiny Habits Help Us Grow

How to Master the Art of Midlife Reinvention: 5 Ways Tiny Habits Help Us Grow

Midlife Reinvention + Habit Change = Midlife Success

Can developing new habits help us reinvent ourselves in midlife?

Is midlife reinvention easier when we have small wins that add up to changes moving toward our goals?

That’s the question I’m unpacking in the new episode of the Reinvention Rebels podcast.

Picture of Wendy Battles sitting on a bench.  Midlife reinvention starts within

Have you read Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg?  It’s an easy-to-read, informative and engaging book about making small changes that stick. I’m using it as my personal framework for developing habits that will help me move forward this year and I’m already seeing results.

This episode shines a light on the significance of creating sustainable habits that fuel our midlife reinvention, leveraging the principles of Fogg’s behavioral design model.

As I do some deep work on myself, I’ve uncovered the idea that habits may help us reinvent too.

Listen in to hear:

✅How motivation, ability, and prompts are key in initiating and maintaining new habits
✅How I’m applying this model to my not-drinking-enough-water challenge (and it’s working)
✅Why forming habits can be a piece of the puzzle in reinventing ourselves.

And many other tidbits to get you thinking about your own midlife reinvention in 2024.

Ready for some inspiration to make forward progress toward your goals? This is a good place to start!

You what else? I introduce “Midlife Reinvention from the Inside Out: 8 Essentials to Green Light Your Life,” an audio series that equips you with the tools for impactful change.

Tune in to this journey of inspiration, where we support one another in becoming the very best versions of ourselves – Reinvention Rebels.

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