Sneak Peek: “Where Are They Now” 4-part Mini Series Launches Soon with Reinvention Rebels Season 1 Guests!

Sneak Peek: “Where Are They Now” 4-part Mini Series Launches Soon with Reinvention Rebels Season 1 Guests!

Hello, Reinvention Rebels, I've missed you!

After a longer-than-expected hiatus, I'm back and excited to share some inspiring, empowering, and invigorating content with you. My absence was due to the loss of my mom, a true Reinvention Rebel herself, whose spirit continues to guide and inspire me.

I'm excited to share what's on the horizon in coming months.

We'll explore some exciting new stories, starting with a four-part mini series at the end of November called 'Where Are They Now?' We'll reconnect with four remarkable women from season one who continue to redefine and rediscover themselves.

Brace yourselves for an awesome Season 6 that's not too far away, with a theme that's close to my heart – 'Own your Awesome'.

Get ready to step into your greatness as you meet a line-up of inspiring women aged between 50 and 90. Listen in as they share their incredible journeys, sparking ideas for your own reinvention.

Also on the horizon is my eight-part audio series 'Midlife Reinvention from the Inside Out: Eight Essentials to Greenlight your Life'. This program explores eight core elements needed for becoming a Reinvention Rebel. And if you're ready to remind yourself (and the world!) that you're a Reinvention Rebel, check out the new line of  swag in our store!

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