Rewire & Reinvent: How I Created a “Thrive” Mindset at 68

One of the coolest things about life is that we can reinvent ourselves as many times as we like!

And such is the case for my guest Denise Keyes Page.

Denise operates from a simple core belief: women benefit society as a whole. Healthy women foster healthy children and families, that in turn, support healthy communities. She’s been a community activist in the New Haven Public Schools, a national and local trainer for the Anti-Defamation League, and founded DreamCatchers, LLC, a training and consulting firm.

As a 68-year young Reinvention Rebel, Denise continues to find ways to reinvent herself and add value for others.

She created the Fired Up – Flourish with Grace curriculum, holds retreats for older women, and helps women find community.

She also has a love for telling stories. You can find her sharing her fascinating tales in numerous virtual venues. Most recently she launched Ubuntu Storytellers which features storytellers of color sharing compelling and captivating stories of life in their black and brown skin.

In this episode, I really love what Denise shared about:

  • what it means to reinvent yourself and thrive in your 60s
  • why this is the best, most empowering time in her life
  • the importance of getting still and listening to your inner voice to guide you
  • the satisfaction of being of service to others
  • how women can create community and connection as we age
  • rewiring our brains to create a “tell yourself you can” mindset

This thriving Reinvention Rebel is engaging, inspiring, and full of wisdom!

I think you’ll see a part of yourself in her story.

Connect with Denise:

Website: Ubuntu Storytellers 



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2 comments on “Rewire & Reinvent: How I Created a “Thrive” Mindset at 68

  1. I truly enjoyed Denise! We have a history together that spans decades! Proud of this “Crone Woman” ( Wise Woman)! Thank you Wendy for continuing to inspire! Peace and Continued Blessings!!!

  2. HARTILL0121 says:

    Thank you!!1

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