Listen to A Sneak Peek of Reinvention Rebels Season 6 – Own Your Awesome: Bold & Empowering Stories of Women from 50-90 Awakening to Their Inner Rebel!

Listen to A Sneak Peek of Reinvention Rebels Season 6 – Own Your Awesome: Bold & Empowering Stories of Women from 50-90 Awakening to Their Inner Rebel!

Join me, Wendy Battles, on a journey through the inspiring lives of audacious women aged 50 to 90 who’ve reinvented themselves in the most empowering ways.

These Reinvention Rebels are here to light the path of transformation with their stories of embracing new purposes and possibilities in midlife and beyond.

This season’s theme, Own Your Awesome, is all about confidently pursuing your dreams and stepping into your greatness with each bold move.

Listen in as women like Mimi and Bettina showcase their remarkable shifts, from a life of stress to one of fitness inspiration, and from personal upheaval to founding an adventure company that empowers women to rise stronger.

Each episode is a masterclass in courage and self-belief. You’ll also hear from Kim, who at 66 is living her dream of acting in commercials, exemplifying that age is just a number when it comes to following your heart.

These guests not only share their triumphs but also the hurdles they’ve overcome, offering a powerful reminder that your unique journey to owning your awesome is entirely possible.

Tune in to discover how these women have harnessed their inner strength and courage, and how you, too, can illuminate the world with your gifts. Let’s ignite that spark together, Rebels!

See you next week for the exciting launch of season six, Own Your Awesome. Keep shining bright—the world awaits your brilliance.

And while you’re waiting, check out our fabulous Season 5 highlights episode, The Art of Reinvention – Inspiring Stories of “Do It Scared” Reinvention Rebels, Amazing Women Over 50!

Want the inside scoop on how these Reinvention Rebels make bold moves in midlife and beyond even when they’re a little scared? Here’s a hint – it’s an inside job! They slow down, get quiet and look within for wisdom and inspiration. Learn more about midlife reinvention and finding your purpose in my audio program, Midlife Reinvention from the Inside Out: 8 Essentials to Greenlight Your Life.

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